Ashinaga USA Scholar Intern Report

September 1, 2017 – The Ashinaga Africa Initiative aims to provide resources to amazing AAI scholars who are dedicated to contributing to the development of Sub-Saharan Africa. One resource we provide is an opportunity for each student to spend at least one summer during college interning in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ashinaga hopes to increase its efforts to help AAI scholars find internships on the African continent so they can continue to build their own professional network and gain practical skills. This past summer, five Ashinaga USA students took this opportunity. While she was working in Ghana for a legal firm, Juniour Kandimire, a sophomore at DePauw University, wrote the reflection below.

One of the most intimidating yet the best decision I have ever made is to come to Ghana.
I was very excited by the thought but then I was very scared to come here because I did not know anyone. I was also afraid because it was going to be my first time to work in a professional office set up. I did not know what to expect and everything was just left to my imagination.
When I started working at the Human Rights Advocacy Centre, I was surprised by the hospitality I received from my workmates. One thing that amaze me the most is how I can easily access my supervisors. Everyone is so open and it is easier to communicate and reach out all the time. When it comes to the work I do, I love every part of it. I sometimes do research and write reports. This is very helpful because I am being equipped with skills that I will use when I go back to school.
I am also part of projects that are working on helping the people in Ghana. Some of these include awareness on LGBT community rights, raising awareness on mental health issues and working very hard to improve the relationship between the civilians and police officers. We also travel to some places in Ghana doing outreaches or raising an awareness. I am so privileged to be part of this and I am growing in the organization every day. I always get constructive feedback on everything that I work on.
When It comes to my day in the office, it is always filled with laughter and I have the best co-workers who are always guiding me and helping me out if I have any problems. Our friendship even goes beyond the office and we always have dinner or chats during weekends which is also helping me to be comfortable in Ghana. (Juniour Kandimire)