Physiwell met President of Trinity College

For the third cohort of Ashinaga Africa Initiative scholars who have just started their new college life in the US, every day is filled with excitement. One of such students is Physiwell Maume from Zimbabwe. Physiwell is majoring in Electrical Engineering at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. His dream is to establish equal access for electricity in Zimbabwe.

On October 2nd  2017, Physiwell was invited to represent Ashinaga at a reception for freshmen students enrolled in various scholarship programs at the residence of Ms. Joanne Berger-Sweeney, President of Trinity College. Other freshmen in attendance obtained scholarships such as the Presidential, 1823, Promise, Posse, UWC Davis World, and Global Engagement.

This reception allowed fellow students, members of staff, and the President to interact with one another. Physiwell had an opportunity to meet students who he had not yet seen on campus, and this increased his network on campus. He was also able to connect with staff members outside of the classroom or their offices; they provided insight into useful resources on campus. The highlight of the event was a conversation with President Berger-Sweeney. Physiwell confided in his transition from one continent to another. The President assured him that he would be fine and that Physiwell should feel free to stop by her office. “This was one of the greatest accomplishments in my life,” reflected Physiwell. “I thought I would never have the chance to talk to the President.” He noted as well that the smaller school environment made this reception, and as a result his introduction to the President, possible.

Growing up, Physiwell saw and experienced lack of electricity in his town of Zaka in Zimbabwe, and he is determined to not let this continue. He believes that one should actively seek solutions to problems one sees, and to not just let them pass.  He intends to acquire skills during his years at Trinity College to accomplish this task, and thereafter to return to Zimbabwe, equipped to better his country. “I am working towards utilizing a renewable source of energy, solar energy, by establishing a photovoltaic power station in future,” he says with passion.