Angelique studied abroad at SOAS, UK

July 24, 2018 – One of Ashinaga USA’s rising seniors, Angelique Uwabera from Rwanda, recently completed a semester abroad in London! We are very pleased that Angelique, among other scholars, are adopting a global mindset and are eager to explore new opportunities, even outside of the United States. Below is an account of Angelique’s own experience:

“In the Spring of 2018, I embarked on a new journey to England. I was accepted into SOAS, University of London to pursue an extension of my thematic requirements in African studies through a Study Abroad Program. The right time had come for me to leave the nest I had made home at American University. Prior to studying abroad at SOAS, I had worked at AU’s International Students and Scholar Services Office and interacted with students from over 140 countries. With my 2 year experience at the office, I thought I had fully grasped the concept of global understanding. However, with the new school, I figured that much as the world is getting closer into a tighter circle, cultures and traditions still play a significant role in maintaining the individualism of countries and people themselves. I was surprised that visiting two grand globalized countries would still seem different from each other regardless of their consecutive positions in the world arena. With so being said, I learned that the world is not a dot as the conventional wisdom states but instead, a small circle of undetachable puzzle cubes. The school attracts students from multiple countries and continents, particularly Africa and Asia, for reasons that pertain with their expertise in both region.

Most importantly, the African courses I took at SOAS opened my eyes to the potential rooted within Africa. I explored the historic component that holds African development to cuffs and have laid foundation to fundamental challenges that the continent is still living with today. I understood that post-Colonial Africa presents within itself numerous conceivable possibilities that can raise it to the level of developmental excellence desired at global standards. At the school, I took the classes on Society and Culture in the Twentieth Century Africa, Perspectives on African Experience, Going Global: An introduction to International Migration and The State and Politics in Africa. Besides International Migration, all the other courses echoed back about the necessity of decolonizing African education to better ensure an African-designed strategy to deal with the century’s challenges. This encouraged me to analyze Africa’s development tactics with scrutiny to discern the process of the continent’s implementations and award attention to the chains through which goals are achieved. By transparently analyzing each step, Africa is bound to comprehend and its necessary deliverables instead of only hitting wave tops. All in all, I would say that studying abroad at SOAS, University of London expanded my horizon in terms of global adherence, academic integration and social awareness. And of course, Ashinaga’s continuous generosity is much appreciated at all phases of support.”