Ashinaga Scholars 2017: A Day in the Life 2

By Bakang Molefi, College for Creative Studies

I was born and raised in Botswana, Africa. I came to the U.S in pursuit of a quality education and training for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, and a Business Concentration.

As a raising Freshman, I have had a wonderful and purposeful first semester in my program of study. This includes studying foundation practices of Fine Arts and Animation basic concepts. The experience was a productive one and have learned a lot more than I ever expected. Most of all, I have honed my skills in time management and team building concepts. The academic challenges I faced, like any other student, requires one to be confident in those fields, to know when to do something and which available resources I can opt for to help and guide me.

Despite several emotional shutdowns and frustration along the study period, I am proud of the hard work and patience I used to complete my assignments. My intention is to further my capability across the classes, and make use of the obstacles from first semester as a learning tool to perform even better. I want to further thank Ashinaga U.S.A for what they offer. Without their financial and mental support, I wouldn’t have achieved what I have so far.

I have found peace being around the Detroit city. It is because of the warm smiles and hospitality provided by Detroiters and the surrounding communities. Apart from being a scholar, there are several activities and events that people collectively observe and celebrate. This sense of unity moves my heart. So much so that I could feel like I am at home, where the community is always connected and attached to one another, especially in collective work and celebrations. In this way, Detroit is no different from home!