Ashinaga USA December 2018 Tsudoi

January 2019 —Ashinaga USA held a Tsudoi in Washington, DC. 15 out of our 18 scholars, including all of our current freshmen class, were able to attend the three day event from December 19-December 21, 2018.

The theme at the US Tsudoi was “Leveraging Resources,” wherein we focused on different types of resources, including inner resources such as resilience and integrity, resources from a research and professional skillbuilding standpoint, and finally, the power of collaboration, when people and organizations come together to achieve a goal. To promote reflection and discussion on these topics, the Tsudoi consisted of activities, presentations from both staff and scholars, and speakers. Speakers corroborated on the theme by sharing with the scholars their professional and personal experiences.

Speakers included Ryan Benitez, a former Ashinaga USA employee starting his own nonprofit, Meto and Onyinye Edeh is a Nigerian American Girls Rights advocate and Founder of Strong Enough Girls Empowerment Initiative. Third speaker was Loveth Ubi, Chief Operating Officer at the WAAW Foundation, an organization supporting girls in the STEM field in Africa. Each speaker shared their expertise and how they leveraged their resources to overcome their challenges.

Throughout Tsudoi, Scholars were heavily engaged in discussion. During a workshop where we spoke about Leveraging Summer Break, a couple of Scholars presented on their learnings and experiences from their summer internships in 2018. Scholar presenters included Juniour Kandimire, who engaged with Zimbabwe Career Connect on a Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU) internship focusing on women and children, Pepe Sibandze who worked with Mota Engil in Rwanda on an airport civil construction project, Angelique Uwabera who worked in the Career Development Department at African Leadership University (ALU)’s campus in Kigali, Rwanda, and finally Gorata Baitlotli, who worked with a coworking space called Passion Incubator in Nigeria.

Other highlights of Tsudoi include Marshmallow Challenge where participants in a team of 4 are tasked with leveraging limited resources to build the tallest standing structure with a marshmallow on top, a trip to the World Bank Visitors’ Center, and a volunteer opportunity with Generation Hope, a nonprofit in DC that provides college degrees and childcare for teen parents. The volunteer opportunity involved helping out at Generation Hope’s annual holiday party.