December 2020 Tsudoi

2020. What a year! For Ashinaga USA, it was one of rediscovery and innovation. We kicked off the end of this unforgettable year with our annual TsudoiThe theme was Self-Management to reflect on the ways we are taking care of ourselves and our various responsibilities through this pandemic.  

Tsudoi was conducted over Zoom during the mornings of December 20-23. We were joined by Mica Henderson, LMSW, who facilitated discussions surrounding race issues and identity in the US on day 1, as well as mental health/stress on day 3. Despite the intensity of the aforementioned topics and the virtual nature of the workshops, scholars were able to share powerful anecdotes and opinions. 

Tsudoi was conducted over Zoom during the mornings of December 20-23. 

On Day 2, scholars used their results from an aptitude test they completed prior to Tsudoi to engage in group activities. Through a program called ‘YouScience,’ the assessment uncovers talents and weaknesses, provides possible career matches, and general feedback for one’s personal, professional, and academic development. The activities included an exercise to build a joint cover letter applying to mock jobs, as well as a competition with prizes in which individual scholars began applying their results to build their resume and other elements of their professional portfolio.

Day 4 of Tsudoi was a scholar-crafted workshop. Scholars worked in groups or individually to create an original self-care or self-management resources based on the learnings of the year and content covered during Tsudoi. To close out the event, scholars shared their creations. Scholars contributed some amazing reflection, tips, and advice geared toward incoming freshmen who will study in the United States, other university students, and frankly- tips we can all learn from. The medium of the final products varied from PowerPoints, to a vulnerable reflection on the importance of crying to a board game! Multiple scholars reflected on the financial aspect of self-management, which was not covered during the event itself but is certainly an important insight.  

We are thankful to have had these four mornings to come together and reflect on a difficult year. We are in awe of our scholars who showed up in good spirits after working very hard in unusual university settings due to the pandemic. We with them the best of luck these next few months, and hope that during the next Tsudoi, we can reunite in person!