Ashinaga USA

12 E 49th Street, 11th Floor

New York, NY 10017

+1 (929) 232-2893

In keeping with the 100-Year Vision for Africa, in fall 2014 an inaugural group of orphaned students from 10 Sub-Saharan countries participated in a three-month study camp at Ashinaga Uganda, working with Ashinaga interns to prepare for the application process to universities and colleges in the United States, Europe and Brazil. All 10 students won admission to their chosen schools.

Why We Are in the United States

Ashinaga President Yoshiomi Tamai has developed a vision that flows naturally from his organization’s experience with its Uganda programs. Beginning in Fall 2015, Ashinaga recruited ten orphaned students from ten Sub-Saharan countries to study abroad in the United States, the United Kingdom, continental Europe and Brazil. The following year, the organization sent 30 more orphaned students from 30 more Sub-Saharan countries to universities abroad. The ultimate plan is to identify and select one talented but needy orphaned student who has lost one or both parents from each of the 49 Sub-Saharan countries every year.

Such an ambitious project requires an international scope. The United States of America is not only the home country of Jean Webster, whose book was pivotal in inspiring Ashinaga’s work, it also has set the standard for higher education throughout the world, and its citizens are famous for their generous support of philanthropic causes. In keeping with President Tamai’s plan and the international growth of the Ashinaga movement, Ashinaga USA was established in Washington, D.C., to move forward the Ashinaga Africa Initiative and in 2019, it relocated to New York City.